terça-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2009

The woman behind the lens

esta é a Garance Doré herself, fotografada pelo Scott Schuman do The Sartorialist. (tem com tanto ou mais estilo do que as fantásticas fotografias que ela tira, n'est pas?) e este é um dia na vida desta fashion blogger - ou, pelo menos, um dia durante a mais chique de todas as semanas da Moda, a de Paris, claro! encontrei isto algures na net, já não me lembro onde, e não podia deixar de partilhar.

Wednesday, October 2, 2008

19 a.m. Oh my God, 9 o’clock and I’m already tired! First things first: I log on to my computer to post my newest fashion week pictures in my blog. Have a coffee while checking my e-mails, then grab a taxi over to the Karl Lagerfeld show near the Eiffel Tower.

10 a.m. Hmm, good-looking crowd. I take a few pictures outside the tent before going in. These clothes always seem like a good appetizer before the king’s finale!11 a.m.There are no taxis to be found after the Lagerfeld show, so I jump onto a bus that will get me back to the Tuileries. The bus is jam-packed, but it is by far the most fashionable bus I’ve ever seen. I run into my friend Jil Ann and we talk about the shows; we both loved Ann Demeulemeester yesterday. Fashionistas have a hard time standing on the bus with their high heels. At every turn they teeter-totter and almost fall down. Quite funny.

Noon. I have a few stories to write. I’m also a journalist and these fashion weeks make my schedule totally crazy. I love to work at home, but there’s no time to go back to the Marais. I have a coffee and a cigarette in a café on the rue du Faubourg St.-Honoré. During the fashion weeks, this street looks like a catwalk, with all the fashion people making a stop at Colette. But I should stop looking at the street and get back to my work.

1 p.m. OK, time to get organized. If I want to eat today—and I do—this might be the perfect moment. I meet with a friend and we have a typical Parisian fashion lunch—steak tartare and too many glasses of Sancerre&38212;all the while talking about photography and how to find inspiration.
2 p.m. Off to the Dries show! I always love to get there early. This season the show is in the Palais Royal. Ooh la la, that is one great location. Beautiful waiters are offering me mint tea and macaroons. I have a hard time resisting, but I bought leather leggings recently and I really want to be able to wear them soon. So no macaroons.

4 p.m. Lacroix shows at the Tuileries. Each time I go there I am reminded of the beauty of fall in Paris.

5 p.m. Kim, from a Hong Kong magazine I will never be able to spell the name of, wants to interview me. We have a hot chocolate together.

6 p.m. I spend one hour in a taxi trying to reach the Givenchy show.

7 p.m. Givenchy, Givenchy, Givenchy. Everyone wants to be there. I run into Marie-Pierre Lannelongue from Elle, who is quite pleased with the results of a shoot I worked on for her. Good feedback is the food of any artistic work.

8 p.m. Back to work. I want to rest a little bit before going to the Sonia Rykiel party.

9 p.m. Never go back home if you want to party. I’m too tired and still have a lot of work to do. I call my friends to tell them what an old nanny I am, order Thai food, have a glass of wine, and start my computer. There’s a good chance I will still be working in four hours. I want to be fresh for the Stella McCartney show tomorrow morning.

coitada. fashion blogger sofre, não é?

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